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MiaMaxx Plus

The New Remote-Thrust Combo


Miamaxx, the stylish thrusting vibe has always been a popular choice for compact, hand-held pleasure tech… Now, it’s just got better.

Inclusive with the new Miamaxx Plus is an easy to use remote control. Just ‘pair’ the remote with Miamaxx Plus for solo-play, couples-play or any naughty group activity you enjoy.

It’s so easy to operate.

The 3 control buttons are seamlessly moulded into the small, compact casing but their raised profile can be felt and depressed easily, even when your eyes are closed or your hands slippery.

The dimensions of the remote are elegantly created around a sleek black body that curves to fit easily between finger and thumb.

It’s large enough to be used with ease, but small enough to remain elegant and stylish.

Measuring 15mm x 38mm x 73mm it is light and robust with a rechargeable lithium battery and a single active LED light to advise you on charging, the on/off-pairing sequence or general in-play activity.

For absolute control of your Miamaxx Plus, a sturdy suction-based holder is also available.

With Miamaxx held in the perfect position, pleasure is only moments away.

Just click the remote to experience total hands-free control.

Enjoy the thrust motions, multiple vibe sensations and the sheer naughtiness of the moment.

Miamaxx Plus, the stylish thrusting vibe with remote control is the new sexual partnership you just have to try.

XARA Wave-like sleeveXARA Wave-like sleeve

XARA Wave-like sleeve


Miamaxx Xara wave like sleeve

Enjoy laying back and letting XARA penetrate deep inside, the wave-like contours achieving heightened sexual pleasure.

MEZZ G-spot sleeveMEZZ G-spot sleeve

MEZZ G-spot sleeve


MEZZ is an erotically shaped head designed to stimulate your pleasure points and give you an explosive,orgasmic experience.

Leather Dildo Toy Holder | Dildo Pouch Holder

Leather Toy Holder / Miamaxx Toy Holder


Make your dildo toy safe with dildo pouch holder. Use leather dildo toy holder to hold your toy safe. We are one of the best dildo toy shop. Order your dildo toy holder now.

Miamaxx hand held fucking toy

leather like holster,hand craft in Melbourne, to suit the cowboy or cowgirl, in everyone.

Pjur Back door

Pjur Back door


pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide. This special composition differs from pjur analyse me! glide. The extra-long lasting lubricating effect of the silicone-formula and the addition of high grade jojoba extracts and make the skin soft and smooth. So hardcore anal play can be enjoyed without pain, while larger toys can provide far more fun.

Men/Women Sex Toy Cleaner Liquid | Sex Toy Cleaner Liquid

Men/Women Sex Toy Cleaner Liquid | Sex Toy Cleaner Liquid


Clean your sex toy after use with best sex toy cleaner liquid. Make your sex toy safe from bacteria and fungi. Buy men & women sex toy cleaner liquid at best prices.

Woman Toy Clean by pjur is exclusively intended for adult products and use in sensitive areas…Your choice for Intimate Health & Wellbeing
For gentle, hygienic cleaning of toys made with materials sensitive to alcohol such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone and leather.
Reduces odour and removes bacteria and fungi.
Dermatologically tested odourless and neutral in taste.

Pjur Aqua

Pjur Aqua


pjur AQUA
If you want a premium water-based lubricant, you will find exactly what you are looking for in pjur AQUA! Water is completely absorbed in the skin. pjur AQUA leaves no sticky film – only an exquisite overall feeling.
pjur AQUA moisturizes, protects and nourishes dry, damaged skin. This pleasant skin feeling enhances sexual pleasure and the desire for more!

The water-based formula with its excellent glide properties is easy to wash off and perfectly suitable for use with erotic toys.

Whether for daily pleasure for two or regular body care, fun is always in the cards with pjur AQUA.

Excellent gliding and care properties
Optimal skin and mucosa compatibility – “very good”
Leaves a velvety soft feeling on the skin; not sticky