I have used the Mia Maxx for approximately six months. There is no doubt that it is the best thrusting vibrator on the market. The vibration is quite intense with many selections to choose from.


I absolutely love it when people send me new & exciting sex toys to play with & review. It’s so much fun giving new toys ‘a go’ & somebody’s got to test them out & tell you all about it. So, I’m more than happy to put in the hard yards for you all – wink wink!


MiaMaxx Thrusting 3 inch Vibrator – Sex Toy Review (Male)

I love trying out sex toys that are a bit different, and the MiaMaxx does something that my other dildos and vibrators don’t do… it THRUSTS for me!


Best Sex Toy!

The Miamaxx & the replacement sleeves are amazing! A really fantastic, fun, satisfying toy that is unique. The thrusting action & vibration is great. An unbelievable sensation I have not experienced with any other toy.


MIAMAXXimum Pleasure

Real madness this fucking machine. Due to the three adjustable speeds your ass is well demanded and is very well filled. And if then the vibration comes to it, really madness. 



Cette machine est tout simplement magique! Je n’aurais jamais pensée que MiaMaxx est si puissant. MEO à complétement raison lorsqu’ils disent que cette machine à baiser est mieux que n’importe quel homme.

 Après avoir été baisé pendant 45 minutes avec MiaMaxx j’ai éjaculé comme un cheval.



The MiaMaxx Thrusting Vibrator is definitely one of a kind, a true groundbreaker in the industry and designed for extra deep enjoyment with a new feel.


MiaMaxx Thrusting Vibrator

Was a bit skeptical, but I have to say that you can have a lot of fun with the MiaMaxx. The depth of penetration is great – because you can sense what – and the adjustable speed brings a wirklch to orgasm.

Penetration depth is SUUUUUPER

great feeling. pumps in the tail. awesome product

pumps in the tail

The Miamaxx & the replacement sleeves are amazing! A really fantastic, fun, satisfying toy that is unique. The thrusting action & vibration is great. An unbelievable sensation.

This machine had moaning with pleasure so much