MiaMaxx Thrusting 3 inch Vibrator – Sex Toy Review (Male)

I absolutely love it when people send me new & exciting sex toys to play with & review. It’s so much fun giving new toys ‘a go’ & somebody’s got to test them out & tell you all about it. So, I’m more than happy to put in the hard yards for you all – wink wink!

To give you a brief background on me, I’m rather well versed in all things under the category of “adult toys”, having previously worked in the industry for a leading Australian online adult store for several years. I’ve seen just about all of the sex toys on the market. Your conventional vibrators & dildos are fairly ‘run of the mill’, typically falling within an expected set of boundaries, but I have to say that it’s great to see something which stands out among the rest. It’s even nicer to uncover a product that not only surprises you, but it falls firmly into the “high end” category. To be completely honest, there are far too many sad, low budget toys that aren’t worth the postage you pay to ship it to your front door. On the other hand, there are some really well executed adult toys that know their niche, know it well, & have a great solid product with some very unique features for you to enjoy. I’m very happy to tell you that the MiaMaxx is a really well constructed device. The finishings are very slick, impressive & definitely show the quality of the build. This is probably one of my favourite toys I’ve had the pleasure to play with, & when I say “had the pleasure”, I mean it!

So, now lets get down & dirty with the hard facts about the MiaMaxx. I’ve been tasked with writing this review purely from a guys perspective, & as a self-described ‘sexually charged’ gay man (basically, I’m perpetually horny) who rather enjoys his fair share of porn, I’ve always had my eye on those ‘fuck-machines’ I’ve seen in some of the more ‘out there’ porn videos – I find them intriguing. I usually watch footage of a guy being ploughed by a ‘piston action’ fuck machine with a healthy dose of shock, wonder & excitement. Of course, when you watch something like that, you can’t but help imagine what it would feel like on the receiving end of a contraption like that, but those enormous ‘piston action’ devices are rather impractical, noisy & expensive. Well, that’s no longer an issue because we have the MiaMaxx to play with!

Unboxing the MiaMaxx was exciting for me, because the beautiful packaging gets you excited about the quality of the product. There are too many budget products out there wrapped in cheap clear plastic, containing cheap plastic toys that simply don’t last very long, so when you get a nicely packaged toy, it prepares you for something great. The Mia Maxx comes with a USB recharging cable & a black felt storage bag, but the box is so nice that you might decide to store it in what it comes in. The recharging time is approximately 45-60mins with a play time of about 45mins.

The MiaMaxx is really simple to use with only three buttons: ON/OFF, the thrust speed & the vibrate cycle. The starting speed of the thrusting motion was a little faster than I expected, but it certainly didn’t put me off or scare me. There are three thrusting speeds & it will penetrate three inches deep with each thrust. When you hear ‘3 inches deep’, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but just you wait until you try it for yourself – it’s quite surprising! There are 7 different vibration patterns as you cycle through the setting, so there’s plenty of choice & combinations to be enjoyed. The power of the thrusting mechanism has a pretty decent amount of push behind it & you don’t have to worry as there is a built in safety cutout which kicks in when necessary. It’s a little tricky for a guy going solo, mostly because the overall length of the vibe when it’s it full thrust is quite long, making it a little hard to hold the base of it as you’re getting ploughed. This is really going to be much easier for a woman & her vagina, than for a guy & his ass. The best way around this conundrum is to enjoy the toy with your partner. Let them hold the base, control the buttons & take you on a ride you won’t soon forget.

The insertable part has such a nice, velvety smooth texture & has a very easy ‘twist-lock’ mechanism so you can change the sleeve in seconds & is great for ease of cleaning. From their website, It looks like there will be interchangeable sleeves on offer, with a design competition underway. The sleeve included did give a little bit of resistance against my sphincter muscle due to its tapered design, but I found that as I became a little more relaxed & accustomed to the toy, it was less of an issue. One thing that would be great to see with the MiaMaxx is some type of suction-cup or other method to secure it to a surface, instead of having to hold it by the base as it thrusts. It needs to be said that the powerful vibration in the end of the shaft gave my prostate such a workout that I was literally oozing so much pre-cum, I though I had climaxed early. Lucky for me, it was just the start of my orgasm.

This really was a great toy to be playing with for the last three weeks! It’s a quality toy that you & your partner will definitely enjoy together.

I’m going to score the MiaMaxx thrusting vibrator 9 out of 10.

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Introduction to MiaMaxx

MiaMaxx is a huge step forward for women and men. Throughout history static dildos and vibrators were the most used for pleasure. They were cool and made you feel good… but you did all the work,  MiaMaxx is carefully designed to ease this manual penetration.

We will create the next generation of robotic devices so that will give us simulated sexual motions. We are confident that you’ll love MiaMaxx.

What MiaMaxx can do for these groups.

MiaMaxx will have a basic head length (sleeve) measuring 110mm (4 inches or so) which can be inserted in any orifice that gives you pleasure. We will eventually develop our own brand, but first things first.

MiaMaxx has a strong powerful vibrator positioned at the tip. This allows it to be used as a standard dildo. So what you say? Been there, done that? MiaMaxx is not so one dimensional. It’s a sleek moving, deep penetrating, hard thrusting pleasure device that will outlast many others before needing a quick re-charge from the charger. If you can personally go on for hours and hours you will understandably outlast it and probably need help, but never fear; if you’re not finished partying you can cruise through  with help from an extra longer than normal connector leading back to your charger.

Before this would be needed, the Lithium batteries of MiaMaxx will run for about 50 minutes. This should be enough to please all but the deliciously insatiable.

All you have to do to begin is insert MiaMaxx from any position then start it slowly thrusting. No need to push it in and out yourself. Just hold it and enjoy. When you’re comfortable and confident, you can crank up the speed and drift away..

So who would take pleasure from the smooth, effortless thrusting of this device? Well just about everyone.

Single Women

Single Men

Gay Couples

Lesbian Couples

Heterosexual Couples


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