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      Welcome to the MiaMaxx Forum.Anal Play With Miamaxx. For first time users of MiaMaxx wishing to experiment with anal penetration, we hope you enjoy the experience. However, there are a few guidelines we suggest you follow. Please donot try to insert MiaMaxx without lubrication: pushing deep into the anal cavity whilst dry will not allow MiaMaxx to thrust easily and may cause discomfort. What we recommend is PJUR back door relaxing silicone, and a beginners level butt plug / toy. Gently using your fingers, stretch the sphincter one finger at a time then two fingers, until you feel comfortable. Remember, take your time, and apply more back door silicone. When ready, slowly insert your butt plug. Breathing is all important at this time asyou will feel resistance, but relax. You will feel the plugglide in easily. Okay, well done, now take a moment;any discomfort will ease. Now slowly move the plug up and down making sure the sphincter and skin is soft and smooth. When you feel the time is right you can now insert MiaMaxx and have all the fun you want in the privacy of your bedroom... or in fact; anywhere, at any time. We suggest the second speed setting to be the one which will deliver an easy, layback orgasmic sensation; but you are in control of your MiaMaxx, so enjoy all the features of thrust and vibration there is to offer.
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       Bruno Rossi