I’ve never used anything like the MiaMaxx before where do I even start?

Our recommended usage for MiaMaxx is to always start slowly and work your way up to higher thrusts/speeds/vibrations. This method is the safest and also enables the user to fully explore all the patterns and combinations of MiaMaxx to work out what you like best.

How long does MiaMaxx take to charge?

Plug the USB cable provided and charge   MiaMaxx will fully charge in 45 minutes.  The battery life is up to 45minutes. softer settings will extend the use of the toy for more enjoyment.

Is there any possibility I could accidentally harm myself or my partner with the MiaMaxx by thrusting too hard?

No. The MiaMaxx has an internal safety switch meaning that if a certain amount of pressure is met by the thrust the motor will switch itself off. If you do engage this safety switch it will not damage your MiaMaxx either you will be able to resume regular usage.

Does MiaMaxx have a warranty?

MiaMaxx has a 12 month replacement guarantee.

Is MiaMaxx a pleasure object for men or women?

MiaMaxx has been researched, designed and tested wholly as a genderless pleasure object.

Can MiaMaxx be used in water/submerged?

Do not use MiaMaxx underwater or fully submerge the toy. MiaMaxx is water resistant only. Water damage will void your warrantee. Please ensure you charge the toy in a dry environment.

Which lubricants are safe to use with MiaMaxx?

We recommend using a high quality water based lubricant with MiaMaxx. 


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