The Miamaxx 3 inch thrusting vibrator was the very first of its kind to be introduced to the world, launching at the Big “O” and AVN Awards in Las Vegas, 2015.
All others since that time have followed, the price of unique creativity being the desire to imitate.
Miamaxx was designed as a pleasure device for men, women, couples, groups and single play. It is a new and innovative toy, a high end brand whose contours and functionality are heading the new wave of intelligently designed pleasure objects and devices.


The base founders of the Company, Bruno Rossi and Al Tunstall had worked separately on other pursuits for many years, but eventually came together with the purpose of creation and manufacture of another idea. This was developed to the proof-of-concept phase but shelved as the bigger vision of a thrusting sex toy took over. A partnership developed, and eventually focusing their energies upon the Miamaxx project, they began to evolve and grow.
As the main driving force, Bruno had a desire to create the best, new, innovative and sexually-orientated product he could. Knowing the direction it would take, a new tech industry was born.
The team expanded as expertise was needed and the Flagship Company (Dare Too Pty Ltd) was founded. This is the parent company of Miamaxx Products and is a behind-the-scenes functional entity. Miamaxx Products is the promotional entity and the face of all products created in relation to Miamaxx and is the recognized brand logo.
At most Australian, S.E. Asian, European and International Trade Shows, Bruno or Al will always be there, along with others of their team available to chat as they promote the benefits of Miamaxx and other affiliated products.
We are proud to be an Australian Company, a company of Australian talent from a diversity of backgrounds. Our team members include… Italian, English, Irish, Australian, Chinese, American, Romanian, Pakistani to name a few, all coming together to be a greater part of the Miamaxx family. We grow together supporting global diversity and will continue to do so for many years to come.
The Miamaxx global manufacturer has also been working tirelessly over the years to constantly update and perfect Miamaxx, an undertaking they pursue vigorously. Because of this and with over two decades of experience in the adult, pleasure toy production industry; Miamaxx products can be relied upon to maintain a high level of trust and quality build for all Miamaxx products.


Beginning our journey over five years ago, we began delving into the design and creation of Miamaxx and found we were exploring unknown territory.
There were no “full” (3 inch) thrusting, hand held devices available on the market at the time we began in 2012, nothing of substance to gauge or gain reference from, only bigger floor mounted devices which are still a popular choice for those who have the space for storage.
The objective was to create a thrusting machine capable of imitating the power of these bigger machines, yet still be light and portable. It was a challenge to create a thrusting device small enough to carry and store easily, i.e. handbag, suitcase or bedside drawer, but we were up to it and persevered.
Technological research, mechanical development and sexual education were the key to understanding the need for a product such as Miamaxx, and, to find a niche in the diverse adult-toy marketplace; so as a small team of highly committed individuals, we worked extremely hard over the years to research the science and engineering needed to advance the mechanical development and design.

The Italian ethos of ‘design for simplicity and style’ was the starting point. There was of course an in-depth look into the world of technological research, the advancement of robotics, sociology, ergonomics and creative design.
We endeavored to understand and explore the variety of sexual interactions Miamaxx would be immersed in, so we gathered information on an assortment of existing products, feedback from sex therapists, psychologists and many focus groups within the adult sex industry.
Aiming to be a gender neutral device in keeping with the bigger heavyweights we geared the output of the Miamaxx to be more than just a small, thrusting pleasure toy, but a powerful device with additional multifunction attributes that men could also enjoy.
With the new world of robotic dolls and silicone partners becoming a more acceptable alternative to one-on-one real life encounters, we ensured the erotic thrusting motions of Miamaxx would also be a satisfying alternative to an otherwise unavailable partner.
We paid attention to ergonomic design, an important area for a small, yet powerful hand held machine. The grasp of the user was our main focus, as was line-of-sight operation of the control buttons, ease of positioning for play and a zero nip area of the bellows.
With our sights set high we intended to expand into the global market and have indeed done so, ensuring the future of Miamaxx and all further products emerging from the Miamaxx brand.
We are now one of the leaders in hand-held pleasure-tech devices selling to many male and female diversity groups throughout the world.
We intend to continue.