Miamaxx Wall and floor toy stand



Toy Stand secure your toy and set in any angle you desire, and enjoy your own personal thrusting sessions



floor and wall stand , with a strong suction cup for added grip

Sex Toy Wall Stand USA


While there is no question about the value that sex toys bring to the table, it is also true that most of them are designed for one-dimensional use. And while it is an issue that is certainly being tackled by many of the manufacturers of the industry, there is no widespread innovation or adaptation even with the massive demand in the market. Comes into the picture MiaMaxx anal thrusting stand.


MiaMaxx is one of the leading online stores for sex toys, and we are committed to providing our users with the most pleasurable experience they would have with our sex toys. That is why we have an innovative sex toy floor stand for sale listed on our site that our users can take advantage of. This sex toy wall stand is designed to make it easier for one to change the position of their sex toys and thrust at the desired angle. With this sex toy floor stand, you can take your experience to a whole new level.


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Our motto is to make the most of our products and our customers’ time. It is how we were able to create the MiaMaxx, the first sex toy store that offers both quality and timeless design. When purchasing, you can enjoy your purchase with complete confidence and peace of mind, knowing that it will not only serve its purpose but also last for a long time.


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Our products are of high quality and have excellent prices! Our prices are so low you’ll wonder how we can offer such great quality at such low prices. We are an online store that provides the latest and greatest sex toys in the market, and that too at an affordable price range, which is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with new things in the bedroom without breaking their budget.


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Additional information

Weight .299 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 20 cm